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After 5 years of expertise writing POA's for suspended Amazon Sellers, we've created the POA Builder. The builder combines expertise and experience from 1000's of suspensions with up-to-date data to produce effective POA's.

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The following suspension reasons are currently supported:

Order Defect Rate
Late Shipment Rate
Pre-Fulfilment Cancellation Rate
Intellectual Property Complaints
Inauthentic / Counterfeit Complaints
Product Condition Complaints
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Based on Real-Time Data

Our customer's report the outcome of their appeal. Our system intellegently optimises our POA's based on the real outcome - A/B testing preventive steps daily.

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Coming Soon

ASIN Support

Currently POA Builder supports suspended accounts only. New functionality is coming soon for resolving ASIN Blocks.

Coming Soon

Violation Support

We're currently developing support for appealing all the violations in your Account Health Dashboard, including IP, Authenticity, Condition & Listing Violations.

Coming Soon

Other features

We're also working on a host of other benefits and features for our users, to keep your account in the best possible health. We're pleased to be pushing the boundaries with our solutions.

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